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Lightforce LED 215


Looking for a set of LED driving lights? You might want to check out Lighforce’s brand-new, re-designed LED 215, the larger counterpart to the LED 180.

How the 215 differs from the Lightforce 180s is that the 215 contains 32 smaller LED’s compared to the 180’s seven LEDs embedded in larger reflectors. What does this mean for performance? Simply put, the 215 is bigger and brighter, 7794 raw lumens compared to the 5180 raw lumens the 180 puts out. You should see a spot beam distance of 840 metres, a spread beam distance of 640 metres, and a beam width of 60 metres.


The LEDs are housed in a coated, high-pressure cast aluminum housing to protect against moisture and contamination. The polycarbonate lens is resistant to scratches and impacts and is rated to withstand depths of up to 3 meters — perfect for those creek crossings that turned out to be a bit deeper than you thought! The tig welded bracket is easily mounted to any bull bar (provided it’s large enough to accommodate a 215mm, 3.3kg light) and the adjustment screws have a unique head to prevent theft from those who think these crackin lights would look better on their fourby!

The 215s are priced at around $700 per light. Not cheap, but we’ve just taken a set across the Simmo, and they were worth their weight in gold at night!