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ARB AR21 Intensity LED Light

When it comes to aftermarket upgrades, ARB is synonymous with quality and the recently released AR21 is no exception. Manufactured by Rigid Industries in the USA, the AR21 is the smaller counterpart to the AR32. Because let’s face it, not everyone has room for the massive 254.5mm by 220.5mm AR32’s or is willing to fork over the $745 per light.

Priced at $495, the AR21 puts out 6,950 lumens while the AR32 puts out 8,200 raw lumens. The 1,250 lumen difference is barely noticeable with the AR21 providing the closest match to daylight conditions.

Specialized cooling fins draw heat away, allowing the 21 Osram LED bulbs to operate at 93% efficiency in all temperature conditions. The polycarbonate lens shields the light from road debris, scratches and is encased in a corrosion resistant aluminum housing that can be submersed to 3 meters, so if your vehicle ever takes a swim, at least you’ll be able to recover your lights.