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All Terrain / Gear

HEMA Maps Unleashes All-New HX-1 Navigator


HEMA and Australian navigation go together like bread and butter. The simple fact is there is no one else out there regularly mapping and checking outback tracks for accuracy like HEMA is. We’ve been using them to explore the lesser-known regions of Australia for decades, and now we’re excited to check out their latest gadget, the HX-1. 

ARB AR21 Intensity LED Light

When it comes to aftermarket upgrades, ARB is synonymous with quality and the recently released AR21 is no exception. Manufactured by Rigid Industries in the USA, the AR21 is the smaller counterpart to the AR32. Because let’s face it, not everyone has room for the massive 254.5mm by 220.5mm AR32’s or is willing to fork over the $745 per light.

Tips For Using MAXTRAX in Sand


We’ve all been there, stuck in the sand with absolutely no way out. Even if you’ve done everything right and lowered your tyre pressures, everyone gets stuck sometime! Necessity is the key to innovation, and being stuck on a beach is where MAXTRAX were born. Here’s a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your MAXTRAX so you can look like a pro in the sand (even if you get stuck!)